Prices removal services.

przeprowadzki kraków tragarz kartony do przeprowadzkiThe above pricing is not “binding offer” within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code. All prices are gross.

  • transportation stuff within the city of Krakow – 80zł/h;
  • removing stuff within the city of Krakow – 150zł/h;
  • transportation/removing outside the city of Krakow – 3zł/km;
  • transportation / moving (loading cargo, secruing safe transportation and unloading at the destination within the city of Krakow (price for the car with no limit of time) – 1000zł;
  • we utilize the cargo destined for the scrap;
  • we can hold the cargo safe in our warehouses at a price quoted individually;
  • in the case of the transport of goods with higher value (works of art, electronics, etc), or things of greater weight (safes, etc.), or other custom orders – price may vary;
  • in case of large transport (ie, once two cars or more), or long distance (over 50 km from the border Krakow) or in case of recurring orders (cooperation with firms) prices are quoted individually.


Based on the information provided we are able to give an approximate price for the service. The exact price is set always at the customer site, before loading.
We are insured to the amount of PLN 50.000 which is the limit of our liability for incurred damages. In case a higher value of transported goods it is recommended to take out additional insurance in which we can help.